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HMR Husnes

HMR Husnes AS


HMR Husnes offers to the industrial customers solutions, products and services within mechanical engineering. The company contributes to the cost-effective project implementation and solves unique operational, economic and environmental issues, whenever needed.




HMR Husnes offers project management and assistance from the idea to commissioning of the equipment.

  • Conceptual study and design
  • Construction/calculation (3D/2D Inventor/Autocad)
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Hand-over 

Workshop services

HMR Husnes has a well equipped production facilities and carries out a wide range of tasks. The workshop is equipped with a variety of machines for small tolerances in cutting, bending, rolling, forming, assembly and welding. The indoor painting facility is capable of handling various surface treatment needs throughout the year. 


Among the various products are: 

  • Steel and aluminum constructions
  • Complete steel installations
  • Marine equipment
  • Bridge saddles, anchoring systems
  • Various piping, cable trays, pumps
  • Cooling water systems in power plants
  • Sluicegates, thrashracks, screen rake

For more information about constructions that HMR Husnes supplies, please click here.

Installation and turnaround services

In addition to the workshop services, HMR Husnes offers installation, maintenance and turnaround services. 


HMR Husnes utilizes flexible capacity across the other HMR's companies. HMR Husnes is able to perform major turnaround stops. HMR has an experience with time-critical projects where the revision is conducted under stoppage of a whole or a part of the plant. 


More information about services in maintenance and repairs, can be found here


Follow this link to see the movie that shows installation of the hatches and trashracks in the new hydroelectric power station Byafossen in Steinkjer




HMR Husnes is certified in accordance with NS-EN ISO 9001:2015. The company is also certified according to EN-1090-1 and ISO 3834-2. It means that we can apply CE-mark on all our products and we can design and produce structural components in steel and aluminium, including execution class EXC4. HMR Husnes is qualified in Achilles og Sellicha supplier databases. 




Visiting and postal address: HMR Husnes AS, Prestnesvegen 70, N-5450 Sunde, Norway (map)

Invoicing address: HMR Husnes AS c/o HMR Group, Prestnesvegen 68, N-5450 Sunde, Norway

Tel.: (+47) 53 48 21 00

E-mail for orders:

E-mail for invoices:

General Manager: Eldar Tran°y,

Division Manager Hydro Power: Kenneth Eide,


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