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Aerial Ropeway and Funiculars

Aerial Ropeway and Funiculars


HMR Voss designs, manufactures and assemblies aerial ropeways and funiculars for transport of cargo and personnel. The structures have a simple design, a high level of security, robustness, and are adapted for use in the harsh climatic conditions. 


The ropeways are driven by Voss winch, which can be adapted to the different drives and control systems. The cable cars are delivered with thyrisor or frequency control, previously they were also supplied with slip ring and commutator motor. The control systems are PLC based or relay based, with or without integrated radio controls. The ropeways can be remote controlled from the carriage and also be equipped with auxiliary drive systems. Funiculars for passenger transport are equipped with modern design cabins from high quality specialised OEM manufactures like CWA or Gangloff.


All systems are designed with a high level of safety, where all the security features have redundancy. 


Special Cranes

HMR Voss delivers customized cable cranes, such as cable crane for the rehabilitation of the Montreal Olympic Stadium. This crane has had 12 tons lifting capacity and was designed for a max. gradient of 70 degrees.


Service, Repair and Certification

HMR Voss has expert staff to carry out repairs and service on the aerial ropeways and funiculars. We perform:

  • Troubleshooting/repairs mechanical, as well as electrical
  • Service/maintenance/lubrication and mechanical control
  • Certification
  • Casting of concrete couplings on wire/enclosed cable
  • Spinning of wires/cables
  • Warping of bearer cable, etc.

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